Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Email Hacked

Somehow, someway, my email was hacked into and hundreds of mails were sent out using my aol account. Strange indeed, since my account outbox shows no such activity but these hackers and crackers can defeat Sony and Amazon so I guess they can screw with little old me.

If you've been contacted by me, well it ain't me. I've taken steps to correct the problem but who knows. The person or persons who did this had full access to my email system and sent mails to Google and others, but since I won't open a darn one of them it'll remain a mystery.


Woody said...

Fuckin' hackers. If we ever pacify / glassify the Middle East we should put the SEALS and other Spec Ops to "neutralizing" hackers across the globe.

Fits said...

I hear that pal. Bastards sent out nearly a thousand emails using my address.