Monday, August 28, 2006

Fearless Forcaster: Giants And Jets Season Prognostigatorium

It's that time again. Football season begins to rear it's ugly head, and as a born and bred New Yorker it is therefore my duty to predict the success or lack thereof the NY teams will have this year.

The Giants have a good coach, an improving young quarterback with all the skills in the world, and an All-Star running game. Their defense is above average and this makes them one of the elites of the National Football League.

12-4. Advancing to the second round of the playoffs, they lose a close game and miss the Super Bowl by a Manning mistake. Because he's simply not there, not yet, even though the team itself is one of the top 5 or 6 in all the league.

Final Overall Ranking: 5

The Jets have a rookie coach, a creaky quarterback, and no running game. Their defense is below average and this makes them one of the not ready for primetime teams of the NFL.

6-10 if Pennington has anything left. 8-8 if he's truly back. 4-12 if he falters badly in trying to return from more surgeries then Pamila Andersons breasts. Yes, quarterbacks are THAT important, especially when there isn't a good, let alone star running back to be found anywhere on the roster. They miss the playoffs, and towards the end of the season the fans are screaming for them to lose more games in order to get a better draft pick, but they win just enough to place them in the middle of the first round. Head Coach Mangini gets a honeymoon season to see what the team is made of, dislikes it from top to bottom, then begins building them in his own image.

Final Overall Ranking: 24

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