Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AK's Are Once Again Running Rings Around The M16

Anyone even remotely close to me knows of my abhorrence of the M16 and its knockoffs, in particular the M4, so I'm far from surprised to be receiving emails from the front voicing concern over the 5.56 spitters and their propensity to go belly-up at the worst possible time.

Put aside the fact that these poodle shooters are, well, poodle shooters, and listen to the men who've been trading tons of rounds with Afghan and Iraqi terrorists.

Seems that the barrels of both the M4 and M16 are becoming warped when trying to compete with the AK-47 variants during full rock & roll, and to this I say, "Duh!". Piece of shit that the AK's are, the one thing they CAN do is crank out round after round and guess what...

...During firefights that is kinda important.

One of the inconvenient truths one learns early on when going toe to toe with one raghead or another, is the fact that the AK's...inaccurate though they may be...can run rings around our shoulder weapons when push comes to shove and it didn't take the Afghans and Iraqis long to realize that the best way to take on an American infantry unit was to bombard them with fast and furious fire. Fast and furious counterfire is returned and the AK wielders severely stress our fella's. Sure, Americans are better trained and better shots and have loads of logistic support, but look for more tales of one unit or another receiving unnecessary casualties when repelling boarders.

And isn't that a damned shame.

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