Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I'm Not Going to Stop Arresting Illegals

Here's the synopsis in a nutshell:

Sheriff Joe doesn't like criminals. Sheriff Joe arrests them whenever he can. The Obama administration LOVES crooks, and thieves and scalawags and felons...hell, now we're talkin' about MOST of his appointees, right? they want Sheriff Joe to stop going after the poor beaners who aren't bothering anybody as long as you don't count the women they rape and kill and the drug wars they start and alla that there human trafficking stuff.

To Obo and his merry men, this is penny-nickle-dime bullswaddle, and hells bells why can't Sheriff Joe go after some REAL ne'er do wells, like the FOX news crews?

Click the headline link for what Sheriff Joe has to say about all this. Do it. You'll even still like yourself in the morning.

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