Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Extreme Folder

Fate. Kismet, full frontal folderol. Whatever.

While back I acquired two Extreme Ratio RAO knives. Sent one to a friend overseas, kept one to fool around with. Tell you one thing, I've never used, owned, or fiddled with so strong a folder. Folders are important for lots of reasons. For me, the capability of carrying something useful but concealable is the bomb.

Whilst I was "testing" the one I kept, well, I finally snapped the friggin thing. Pretty much on purpose too, as it was going neck and neck with a Ka-Bar until they both gave up the ghost. One after another. Ka-Bar said see-ya after I pounded it once too often into a knotty tree limb; blade snapped just above the handle. The RAO made it through where Ka-Bar's fear to tread then kablooey, snapped about two inches from the blade's tip when being introduced to another, nastier-ass hunk of timber.

Rough use, my ass, I was in one of those moods. After having been told how damned Herculean the RAO family is I decided to see for myself. Hey, you'll be AS dumb once you're retired too.

Anyways, long story short because I'm not on the mood to do much more. The friend overseas died. His family sorted out his personal effects and today I received the barely used RAO he'd been working with and keeping me abreast of. He liked it. I took a shaky shot of it right out of the delivery box but if you want to see one done by a pro then click on the link I included above.

Next best thing to a fixed blade.

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