Monday, October 19, 2009

Counting Down To Post #10,000

Two postings after this will be our 10,000th.

Back when I was hale and hardy the place was jumpin' but don't count me out just yet.

Thinking of giving away something in some sort of contest for #10,000. Been fooling with blades as of late, and for my way of thinking that something would be a knife I've put the edge on and carry a lot. Nothing fancy, hell I sure ain't, but something from the old ticker. An article I'd miss. Knife pictured is 440C, opens and closes like a champ, has a spine near on 3 mm's and is sharpened past scary and into light-saber territory. With the caveat of course that such items are inherently dangerous and the utmost care should be taken not to cut ones nuts off. Unless one wishes that to be so. (Females please insert the appropriate body part in place of stones.)

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