Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Barry's Followers Still Awaiting Superman

"Those Greek columns at the 2008 Democratic National Convention were pretty, but they were made of Styrofoam; the guy standing in front of them was, like those who came before, a professional vote-grubber, not a worthy object of adulation."

To be frank, I've yet to see a dumber man in public office. Biden, for example, says stupid things but at least knows the names of his own kids.



David said...

The Zero isn't just dumb, IMO. It's worse than merely "dumb". In fact, according to Carol Platt Liebau, whose conservative creds are MOR, shading much more conservative than any Country Club Republican I know of (although she sometimes sounds like a smarter, more genuine, Newt Gingrich), he seemed to be very intelligent when they were both at Harvard Law (she claims to have been the only Republican on the Harvard Law Review during that time).

The problem isn't intelligence but stupidity. His unwillingness to look at anything other than what he wants to see, and even then ONLY through the lens of a hard line socialist/communist ideology, combined with an arrogance that has no solid foundation in accomplishments comprises a monumental stupidity that no amount of native intelligence can overcome. Indeed, the more intellectually "intelligent" someone with these self-imposed handicaps is, the stupider their actions are, no matter how smart they may be within his frame of reference.

In fact, given testaments to his intelligence, one could make a stronger case for his actions being genuinely evil, rather than merely stupid. He could well care deeply about the effects of his actions on our country--and actually have a good grasp of what those actions/effects are--and simply, genuinely, intend to destroy our economy and political system. In fact, his obvious (and historically verifiable) familiarity with the Cloward-Piven Strategy argues that case pretty well.

Fits said...

I still am leery of calling him intelligent in any way shape or form. Seems to me that most of such adulation comes from the distaff side of things and the men who want to be just like them in order to score.