Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Driving While Biker

"While the Henchmen are proud to settle just about any dispute the biker way, they're going ultraconventional for this fight. They've hired a lawyer and filed an official complaint with the city's Office of the Independent Police Auditor. They contend the police are illegally profiling them for DWB, Driving While Biker, and the city's code enforcement unit is digging up zoning beefs to run them out of town.

This, from the start, poses a difficult challenge for the Henchmen: Should a biker inked up with skull tattoos who proudly calls himself an outlaw expect the same constitutional protections as you do? 

Amazing, is it not? 

Actually, no. At least not in California, where the liberal media believes that rights can only be exercised with permission slips, and revoked whenever law enforcement damned well pleases.

Not a new story at all. Law abiding bikers get hassled by the pigs, the media yawns.

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