Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WA Cancels Illegal Alien Journalist's Driver's License That Was Obtained With Help From The Washington Post

Vargas also found work at a Subway restaurant, a Y.M.C.A., a tennis club, and seemingly a number of other positions for more than a decade. Vargas claims that the businesses rarely asked to check his original Social Security card and that, when they did, he gave them the fraudulent photocopy. In addition, Vargas checked the citizenship box on his federal I-9 forms because, as he explained, "claiming full citizenship was actually easier than declaring permanent resident green card status, which would have required me to provide an alien registration number." For this I-9 fraud alone, Vargas can be fined and jailed up to 5 years under 18 USCS § 1001(a). He also is liable for perjury. Time will tell if the federal government feels aliens can openly violate these statutes without fear of being held accountable.

The Washington Post is not the only news agency with lax employment standards. Vargas explains that the San Francisco Chronicle, Philadelphia Daily News, the Seattle Times, the Huffington Post, and The New Yorker also do a poor job screening candidates for employment eligibility.
Thus far, the legal repercussions for all of this illegal activity – other than the driver's license invalidation – do not appear to be forthcoming.
If these violations are not investigated by the authorities, if the aforementioned media outlets don't start using E-Verify, and if Vargas isn't penalized and facing deportation before the end of the year, then the journalist class should not be surprised that the American public continues to feel that our immigration laws are not being taken seriously."

Not a chance. The Obama Injustice Department exists to aid and abet enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic.


David said...

WaPo was just the front line enabler. They were operating with the full LACK of support for LEGAL immigration and LACK of support for aprehension, arrest, prosecution and deportation of ILLEGALS by the "feddle gummint" (along with almost complete indifference of the "feddle gummint" to businesses that give jobs to illegals). Anarcho-tyranny: more and more persecutiuon of common citizens and enabling/rewarding outlaws.

Fits said...

The fourth estate was supposed to protect us from, and keep an eye on, the government. Then selling soap powder and feminine hygiene products became more important and the medium became the only true message. With such a heavy burden to bear...entertaining the huddled masses...its no wonder they opted for the bad guys as the good guys wouldn't sell their souls quite so cheaply.