Friday, October 14, 2016

The Universe’s Galaxy Population Just Grew Tenfold

by Matt Williams
Ever since human beings learned that the Milky Way was not unique or alone in the night sky, astronomers and cosmologists have sought to find out just how many galaxies there are in the Universe. And until recently, our greatest scientific minds believed they had a pretty good idea  - between 100 and 200 billion.
However, a new study produced by researchers from the UK has revealed something startling about the Universe. Using Hubble's Deep Field Images and data from other telescopes, they have concluded that these previous estimates were off by a factor of about 10. The Universe, as it turns out, may have had up to 2 trillion galaxies in it during the course of its history.
 Anything done by UK *Researchers* must be taken with a grain of salt, so eager are they to get back into discover modes without a pot to piss in.

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