Saturday, September 24, 2011

If You Happen To Come Upon Pieces Of The Fallen Research Satellite...

...Be Careful Not To Get A Boo-Boo...And While You're At It Don't Run With Those Scissors!!

 Earthlings can take comfort in the fact that no one has ever been hurt by falling space junk — to anyone's knowledge — and there has been no serious property damage. NASA put the chances that somebody somewhere on Earth would get hurt at 1-in-3,200. But any one person's odds of being struck were estimated at 1-in-22 trillion, given there are 7 billion people on the planet.

"Keep in mind that we have bits of debris re-entering the atmosphere every single day," Matney said in brief remarks broadcast on NASA TV.

In any case, finders definitely aren't keepers.

Any surviving wreckage belongs to NASA, and it is against the law to keep or sell even the smallest piece. There are no toxic chemicals on board, but sharp edges could be dangerous, so the space agency is warning the public to keep hands off and call police."

Why can't they simply say that they'd like to examine each and every piece for heaven knows what...rather than cranking out so ridiculous a warning.

And ok, they don't want unidentifiable parts of thing on eBay because that would cause tons of lawsuits due to people getting scammed, but when did we STOP being adults simply because the suckers born every minute have elevated their rates of procreation to every second.

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