Thursday, September 29, 2011

Live On Tape...Cutlery Cornered

"Now jee-um, is this knaaf new or a warehouse fand?" Sheila (man-hands) Travis

"Ah, um, no Sheila, yes this is brand new they just came in. That's why we haven't seen them in a whaal." Big Gay Jim Frost

Todd Boone had the night off and it just wasn't the same without Mr. Malaprop. But Man-Hands and Big Gay Jeeum strove mightily to abuse, misuse, confuse, and otherwise mangle the English language, as well as common sense itself.

Couple weeks back, I sent Big Jeeum a scathing email, indicting him for the grifter he is, and each and every time I do he turns up on Cutlery Corner reading fan mail to soothe his shattered ego. Tonight was no exception; he went on, and on, then on some more, about how marvelous his pot-metal slave labor knives are, and how patriotic he is for giving people the chance to resell his butter knives, masquerading as modern steel, at flea markets.

No one needs a defense for selling inexpensive products. But it is indefensible to play make-believe that the garbage has any value at all, and steal other peoples' trademarks, patents, and copyrights because he hasn't the wits or talent to make it on his own.

Product description on the top left hand corner of the screen: Swap Fox Bowie

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