Tuesday, September 06, 2011

President Zero Strikes Again

It hasn’t happened in the lifetimes of anyone who isn’t eligible for social security.

Zero net jobs were created in the month of August for the first time since 1945.  It is almost mind boggling to think about what may turn out to be this President’s singular accomplishment — ending a 792 month job creation winning streak for the American economy.

Historians will be looking to determine just how the Obama Administration reached this milestone?
What were Obama’s secrets?

Just how did he spend almost a trillion dollars in ‘stimulus’ funding and get to a very round number?
The search for answers takes us around the country and indeed around the globe.

In Seattle, Washington, the federal government spent $20 million dollars on a federal grant to weatherize homes as part of their greening of America plan.  How many jobs were created for $20 million?  Fourteen total, eight of which are specifically tasked with administratively handling the grant.

The green economic boom continues in California where the Obama Administration provided Solyndra Corporation, a $550 million loan guarantee to make solar panels.  The President himself thought so highly of this company and its future that he visited this Bay Area factory last year.  So, it shouldn’t be surprising that the business visited by the man with the reverse Midas touch just announced that 1,100 workers will be laid off immediately and it is expected to file for bankruptcy."

Black finger...he's the man...the man without the Midas Touch...a community organizers touch...." Song to the tune of "Goldfinger".

Trillion bucks spent and the idiot hasn't one single job to show for it. Priceless.


Lemuel Calhoon said...


No the nation is paying a very steep price.

Fits said...

Welcome back Lem.