Monday, September 26, 2011

Why We Watch Cutlery Corner

"Now you better hurry on this item as we're down to single digits because there's only 250 left. But that's inreletive because price doesn't mean that much because you're getting such a good deal..."

Todd Boone

Product description on the top lefthand corner of the screen: CASE STOCKMAN WITH THE QUARTS HANDLE

"There has never been a peanut design made by this manufacturer. In decades."


Bob S. said...

There are so many mistakes there that I refuse to believe it wasn't a parody.

It has to be a parody, right?


Come on.....they were just kidding.


Crap on a Crutch...another fine example of our public school systems on TV

Fits said...

Nope. All of it was genuine.
An d a lot more but I figured these would be representative enough.