Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time Once Again To Give In Order To Receive

Continuing our clothing-for-the needy campaign, we here at Messenger present another helpless waif whose distress is more than evident for all to see. 

Please help. Give what you can. Trust me, the blessings outweigh the loss of a few measly bucks. Winter is just around the corner....and frostbite is inevitable.


bah_humbug said...

I think that is a member of the fairer sex, but I can't help but picture those guys in the World's Strongest Man competition. Which makes me think of Big Hands Sheila - Which is ruining it for me.

BobG said...

I think she needs a sammich more than a new wardrobe.

Fits said...

Man-hands does dampen ones ardor. Needing a sammich, yeah; but the poor thing is obviously freezing too.