Thursday, October 20, 2011

Curio & Relic Points Of Order

First off, thanks to the folks inquiring as to the availability of certain Curio firearms, or at least those the ATF considers to be so, but I cannot order a "regular" AR lower, or complete AR-15, or neutered M16, no matter when they were designed or manufactured. EXCEPT for the Colt AR-15 Vietnam Tribute Special Edition, registry numbers VT001 to VT1500. Believe me, if I could I would and only charge for the shipping.

I can order a Ruger Blackhawk 44 w/6 and a half inch barrel as long as the serial numbers are 1 to 29860. Or certain Winchester, Remington, or Mossberg rifles and shotguns and others as long as they're serial numbered according to the ATF protocol, which can be as long as the phone numbers in Ted Kennedy's little black book. I can also order a Dragunov model SVD in 7.62X54R, or a Simonov in 7.62X39, or a Remington pump action manufactured between 1931 to 1950. 

What I'm trying to say is don't stop asking, but remember that this cannot be a business for me whereupon I derive most if not all of my monetary resources, and I've included the above information for historical purposes only. I can sell off my own firearms but only 3 of them every 5 days. Or whenever a fifth blue moon occurs during the 2nd leap year when a Republican is President; I forget which, or maybe its both.

I do intend to upgrade my C&R to a full-fledged dealer license in the not too distant future...the ATF was kind enough to send me the application and it isn't any more difficult than obtaining a Florida Concealed Carry Permit... so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, Midway is going to license me as a Dealer, so there just might be enough of a discount for parts or ammunition to offset shipping from them to me and me to you to make it worth the hassle.

None of this information should be used to buy or sell any firearm from any person or dealer. So please check your local, state, and Federal laws, get a haircut, lose some weight, and trim that mustache. 

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