Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mosin On The Way

A while back I received my Curio & Relic Federal Firearms License, and durned if I didn't go and order me a Mosin Nagant from J&G Sales. The value of a C&R FFL is to eliminate the middle man, the gun shop that'll oft times charge an arm and a leg for the honor of ordering a firearm for you, because, after all, mere un-vetted civilians can't be trusted to do so on their own. And besides, it's cool to see an ad online or a flier and buy a rifle just like that. Here's a description of the 7.62X54R Russian battle rifle that preceded the SKS and AK47:

7.62x54R caliber WWII era military Russian Mosin-Nagnat round receiver bolt action rifles with laminated wood stocks. Includes bayonet and some accessories. Arsenal refinished in very good to excellent condition. C&R eligible. 

I picked the hand select with clean and shiny bore, and if you'd like to learn more about the rifle itself click here.

Oh yeah and it'll be here next Tuesday, 5 business days after I placed the order.

Oh yeah Part II, I chose the round receiver over the hex because folks in the know have told me that while the hex is more collectible, the round is sturdier. With the tens of millions of both varieties around I doubt a hex would fetch much more from my estate after I've shuffled off to the big target range in the sky, and besides, I'm no museum curator just a guy who likes to shoot genuine battle rifles, not peashooters, so more-sturdy is more better.

Back when I lived in Iowa, Crazy Jay and I crono'd the Commie Russian 7.62X54R versus our very own Patriotic American 30-06, and the difference between the two wasn't enough to mention. So I'm hoping it'll be just the ticket for Hog hunting once I get her sighted in.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

Congrats on the new rifle. I look forward to the range report.

I just picked up an underfolding AK to use as a car gun. I'll be posting about it as soon as I get it set up right.

Fits said...


badanov said...

Get light ball (147 grains). Heavy ball (180-185 grains) tends to rise in trajectory, while light ball is much flatter and easier to hit near targets.

Fits said...

Hey there Bad...yeah the rifle was sort of designed to shoot the best with 147 grainers but the trend has been heavier then heavier some more as of late.

xmaddad1 said...

Wait til you start using your C&R for 'Surplus' Pistols. Remember it is a 'transfer' when you buy something from a dealer at a 'show'. Be sure to send a copy to Midway USA as they will grant you 'Dealer'status and discounts.
'Just Sayin'

Fits said...

Why thank you kindly, xmaddad1; I did not know that.

Fits said...

PS; I checked out the Midway Dealer status situation and have a copy of my C&R all ready to go in tomorrows mail. Thanks again.