Monday, April 05, 2010

‘Anti-Obama’ Billboards Go Viral

If you have something to say – put it on a billboard. Atlanta commuters are noticing electronic billboards in metro Atlanta posting anti-Obama messages.   

The idea turns what is normally a staple of commercial advertising into a platform for political opinions - a bumper-sticker slogan aimed at a wider audience.

The signs include: ‘Stop Obama’s Socialism.”
“If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention.”
“Now It’s Personal! America’s Coming for You Congress! Vote Liberals Out in 2010.”
“Stop the Lies.” 

The billboard sponsors consists of about 12 local businessmen. They've created a Web site:, where you can find four billboards messages to donate to.
Spokesperson Tommy Newberry says there has seen such an influx of interest, sponsors are creating 50 billboard designs for donators to pick from. He also says it won't take long before the billboards start popping up around the nation.

“We are now very well funded. We are getting about a donation a minute,” Newberry said.
Donations range from a few dollars to $500 dollars. Newberry also has had about a dozen requests for an entire billboard. An electronic billboards advertisement can cost up to $3,500 a month.
Newberry says the group's ultimate goal is to not only grab people's attention but also educate and motivate them.

Several members of The Hogtown Irregulars have looked into starting our very own billboard-protest deal, but Gainesville and its surrounding towns are bought and sold by the University of Florida, that liberal bastion of ineptitude, and what UF says, North Central Florida DOES.
Bottom line is no one will sell us space for an Obo protest. Such a board would of course be a peaceful endeavor, but the thought of thousands of screaming college kids running amok to tear down every last billboard in town gives the billboard owners sleepless nights. 

It's like this, you see; if you happen to be of a Conservative bent, merely discuss insurrection-like ideas, and the Obama justice department is on your ass like Wright on Whites.


Go on a rampage of destruction...sorta like Obama's old hippie pals who wanted really-really badly to kill cops and blow up police stations and military buildings...and as long as it is a PROGRESSIVE agenda then the sky's the limit. 

Freedom of speech, dontcha know. 

Still and all it's cool to see SOMEONE protesting against her highness.

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