Monday, April 05, 2010

Ripley At The Bridge...Easter, 1972

Marine Colonel John Ripley left us in October of 2008. Many Marines spent yesterday remembering one of the Colonel's  more memorable feats, and by clicking the headline link you may do so as well.

With 10,000 NVA infantry and more than 200 tanks on the horizon, then Captain Ripley raced against time to position explosives under the Dong Ha bridge.

A far too salty 22 yr. old Corporal sidled unseen towards his Captain who was on the horn with headquarters.

"Orders, sir?"

"Hold and die, Marine."

"(shit) Aye, sir."

"Didn't know they'd changed the formal comm salutation, Captain."

"Oh STFU Corporal and for once make yourself useful."

"Aye, sir; I'll fetch his majesty some tea and crumpets..."

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