Friday, April 30, 2010

Lifestyles Of The Rich & Infamous: Tiger Woods gets heckled

Two fans at the Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte turned the crowd at the 10th green into the peanut gallery on Friday afternoon in carrying out the first heckling of Woods since his return from a sex-scandal layoff.
Woods was in the process of missing a five-foot putt for par when two spectators acted in concert: After the first fan first yelled, "Get in the hole!" the second called out, "That's what she said!"

Charlotte police and course security attempted to track down the hecklers but were unsuccessful as they apparently fled from the green scene.

I was almost going to say something along the lines of "don't the Charlotte police have anything better to do", until the realization hit like a ton of bricks.
Of course they do. Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of THE most crime-ridden towns in all America. Only two percent...not a typo, yes, that's 2%...of our cities report MORE criminal activity than does Charlotte.

The cops are obviously not doing their jobs, but the town itself has to share an awful lot of the blame. Crime through the roof, but they have enough police to chase after golf hecklers. Forget for a moment that at every last golf venue I've been at features the EXACT same dialogue, regardless of who is doing the putting. Even if it was a true full frontal heckle then perhaps Mr. Woods should step down from his pedastal and learn to take life like a man. Part of the reason he's in this mess is a sense of entitlement far beyond those of most mortal men, and perhaps a dose of the REAL WORLD is what the serial adulterer needs.

I still can't get it out of my head that Charlotte police were chasing hecklers.

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