Thursday, October 06, 2011


Just a note on the passing of Steve Jobs. Apple has long been, the, well, apple of Hollywood and the liberal establishments eye. I know, same thing. Every laptop or computer seen in theatrical presentations has the ubiquitous bitten apple logo, because, after all, Steve was just so uber cool.

And isn't it interesting that one of the greatest capitalist success stories of the 20th...and perhaps any so revered by the socialist masses.

March on Wall Street to rage at those merciless moneymakers yet mourn the king of them all.



Cowboy Blob said...

I think there are so many Macs in movies because Macs are used to make so many movies. Apple's Final Cut Pro editing software has a sizable market share.

Fits said...

See. Ya learn something new every day. Still; the love affair liberal apple fanbois have is creepy.

Lemuel Calhoon said...

Not just liberals. You may have missed Rush gushing about his (somewhat creepy) love for Apple and Jobs.

Fits said...

Now THAT makes me ill.