Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bear Found Feeding Upon 73 Year-Old Woman

Obama Administration Creates Bruin-Czar To Determine If Bothersome Seniors Might Regularly Be Dispatched In Such A Manner...

OURAY, Colo. — "Wildlife officials say a bear was found feeding on the body of a 73-year-old woman who had been repeatedly warned not to give dog food to the bruins that live near her home north of Ouray.

A caretaker said she saw the bear over the woman's body Friday and called 911. The victim's name has not been released.

Colorado Division of Wildlife spokesman Joe Lewandowski says it's unclear if the bear killed the woman of if she died of other causes. He says the woman was known to feed bears dog food and would not stop, even after repeated requests from wildlife officials.

Sheriff's deputies investigating the incident killed an aggressive bear at the woman's home. A necropsy is planned for the 250-pound male to determine the contents of its stomach."

There are lots better ways to go than being munched on by an omnivore that doesn't even care if you're dead or not before feasting. Sorta like the Japs and their sushi shit. It'd be cool if any of that India karma crap was true and people were reincarnated into a person place or thing that reflected the behavior of their last go-'round.

Just think of how such a reality would deal with Barack Obama or Ted Kennedy or Nancy or Babs or Barney.

Hey wait a sec. Maybe the old gal was getting her just desserts. Still and all, bad mojo to feed the bears. Might give Obama ideas about what to do with the senior citizens who impose too much of a strain on the health care system.

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