Thursday, August 06, 2009


See. The NYPD is so fucking badass they can kill you using a fake gun.

"Cops fatally shot a Long Island man today after he trained what appeared to be a machine gun -- later determined to be fake -- on them from his stoop, police said.

Investigators found Keating, 56, standing on the front porch of his Bellport home brandishing "what appeared to be an automatic weapon," when they responded to calls of shots fired at 1 a.m.

"You're going to have to take me," he allegedly taunted.

When the Suffolk County officers told him to drop the weapon Keating, who underwent a psychiatric evaluation after a DWI arrest last year, dashed into the house.

He reemerged a short time later, repeated the taunt and aimed the gun -- a non-working replica of an Uzi -- at them.

The cops opened fire, hitting him ten times"

Wow. An earlier version of the story said that 4 cops emptied their GLOCK 19's at the guy, so 60 bullets fired and 10 hits is like off the chart for the NYPD with regards to accuracy.

Betcha they've been practicing on toy-gun-users all over the city. Hey it's win-win. They'd NEVER take a shot at someone with a REAL Uzi without first calling for SWAT, chopper support, the National Guard and enough snipers to man every last rooftop for a square mile of blocks. Being a born and bred NY'er, this is how I know that they knew the Uzi was a fake.

Venting. When you and I have to let off some steam we kick the cat. The cops find an immigrant or retarded person to shoot.

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