Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hillary Rodham heads to Liberia to show "women power"

"US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heads Thursday to war-battered Liberia in a show of support for Africa's only female leader, who has faced calls to step down over actions during brutal civil wars.

After a packed day of meetings and public events in regional power Nigeria, Clinton planned a less than 24-hour visit to Liberia for talks with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the second to last stop on a seven-nation tour.

Africa's first female head of state has won strong support overseas, particularly in the United States, as she spearheads efforts to rebuild the west African nation founded a century and a half ago by freed American slaves.

But Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission recently recommended that Sirleaf be banned from political activities for 30 years because of alleged involvement in the country's civil wars between 1989 and 2003.

Johnnie Carson, the assistant secretary of state for African affairs, said that Clinton "wants to reaffirm US support" for Sircleaf.

"The secretary wants to use this visit to show and demonstrate US support for the democratic progress that has occurred in Liberia," Carson said.

He said Liberia was one of the most important nations in Africa for Washington due to historic reasons.

Clinton has made women's rights a key theme on her 11-day tour, which included a lightning visit to the war-ravaged eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to comfort survivors of a rape epidemic."


Liberia, Burma, the United States of America.

The only nations continuing to disregard the NON-INTUITIVE metric system.

Until Barrack Hussein Obama...terrorist extraordinaire...surfaced (arising from the pond scum of Chicago politics), the United States of America was the richest nation in the world. Liberia was the poorest. Burma makes after-shave.

Today, Hillary Rodham visits Liberia as part of her hey-I've-gotta-do-SOMETHING tour, and is championing rape victims, perhaps as a mea culpa for all of the women her husband violated.

And since current president Sirleaf participated in the rape of Liberia via her participation in the bloody civil wars that threatened to destroy the nation in its entirety, it is quite fitting that Mz Rodham pay particular homage to Mz Sircleaf. That's SIRC-LEAF. NOT Cigar-Leaf.

Just saying.

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