Sunday, August 09, 2009

Norks Using Bubba's Visit To Promote Lil Kimmy's Kid

"North Korea has been using Bill Clinton's visit to Pyongyang last week to promote leader Kim Jong-Il's son as the communist nation's next head of state, a news report said Sunday.

Former US president Clinton traveled to Pyongyang last week to take home two journalists jailed for having illegally entered North Korea.

Seoul's Yonhap news agency, quoting an unnamed source, said Pyongyang's National Security Agency was praising Kim Jong-Un, third son and heir apparent to Kim Jong-Il, 67, for having engineered the episode."

Told ya.

Lil Kimmy made a frantic plea to Uncle Bill to get his ass on over there. The Clinton's and Algore whipped up that fraudulent scheme for two "journalist" gals to be jailed, and the rest is history.

All with Emperor Obo's (aka Joker-Chimp-Hitler) blessings but of course.

Now if a broken down old Marine can figure this shit out what's wrong with the fucking American media?

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