Saturday, August 08, 2009

I Guess Murdoch Wasn't Kidding

As an avid sports freak I use Fox online for keeping in touch with my favorite teams. Not that it is any great shakes, mind you, but my despisement of ESPN precludes clicking into that den of iniquity on anything close to a regular basis.

Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute...okay you get the picture...ESPN is faster and more accurate than Fox, always has been, always will be. Fox simply doesn't dislocate its collective shoulder with incessant back-patting so if I want to know a score or standing that's where I go for a look see because I cannot tolerate the WE SAID IT FIRST!!! schtick over at ESPN.

But now its getting silly. Fox hasn't updated its baseball standings in 2 days. 48 hours and counting. Used to be it took several hours to get a won-lost, current streak, or Wild Card assessment, but 2 days is more than a little ridiculous for an organization claiming to have journalistic integrity.

So this has me thinking that the guys and gals at Fox, usually half-asleep at the switch anyway, took old Ruppert's pay as you go attitude to heart. That, or they've become worse than ever and in today's shoddy-work-is-good-enough attitude that pervades the Jurassic Press, it is hard to tell which is which.

I'll never pay for Fox Sports, not with its lackadaisical performance and constant bombardment of pop-ups featuring things no one over the age of 6 could possibly be interested in.

And that ain't a gonna change no matter how much they charge.

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