Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Newt Says: "Message to Copenhagen: Our Constitution Begins, "We the People..."

"Tomorrow morning, the delegates at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen will awaken to a very simple but powerful message:

“In America, We Have a Constitution. It Begins: We the People…”

These are the opening lines of a message to the American delegates in Copenhagen and the rest of the world sent on behalf of the American people by American Solutions. They are meant as a reminder to both Obama Administration officials and international climate activists that under our constitutional system, the American people, not government bureaucrats, are sovereign.

Ronald Reagan was right when he said that America is a nation that has a government -- not the other way around.

And if you have any doubt that the delegates at Copenhagen need to hear this message, take a look at this:

(The picture) is a reference guide being handed out by one of the non-governmental organizations at Copenhagen to keep track of all the proposals to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation. Its purposefully modeled after the Chinese mass murderer Mao Tse-Tung’s “Little Red Book of Communism.”

Can the profoundly undemocratic nature of this conference be any clearer?

Congress Has the Power to Protect the Constitution. It Should Use It.

American Solutions’ message to the Obama Administration and the Copenhagen delegates is this:

President Obama cannot bind the American people to job killing international agreements on climate change without the advice and consent of the United States Senate.

Similarly, he can’t bypass the peoples’ representatives in Congress by having the EPA pursue the same goals through bureaucratic totalitarianism.

This message to the President is also a message to Congress. Should the Obama Administration act unilaterally and subvert the Constitution, the American people will rightfully rise up in opposition.

Congress has the power to protect its constitutional role and protect the people’s voice in how we’re governed. It should use it..."

But of course Hussein would wish to substitute the EPA for alla that there Advice and Consent stuff.

HE can call the shots for the EPA, giving him the total control ALL dictators lust for.

Let's face it, nothing could be MORE clear...

Our first illegal immigrant president wants to be king and that's that.

Screw the bloody bugger. Keep the powder dry and pray that saner heads will prevail before we need to use it.

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