Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Tale Of Two Smithies...

The Cold Steel Spartan is all that and a box of chips.

Perhaps the strongest locking folder available...the Extreme Ratio RAO doesn't count 'cuz it cheats and adds a quarter-inch thick bolt to keep the blade from closing without the users permission...the Spartan can withstand over 480 pounds of force attempting to defeat the Tri-Ad locking mechanism.

The Kershaw Shallot is a far smaller knife, but has a far stronger steel in CPM S110V as opposed to the Spartan's AUS8.

True, Cold Steel does wonders with AUS 8, tempering it to an HRC rating of 58 or thereabouts, but the Shallots steel can be brought to HRC 66 without much ado and the CPM folks themselves rate it as the steel least likely to corrode and most likely to maintain a keen edge.

I wanted a newer itsy bitsy knife, and also thought to try the much ballyhooed Spartan.

Missions accomplished.

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Kershaw Shallot said...

These are some really nice knives that would be really useful to have. The best knife that I've ever seen was a kershaw shallot.

fits said...

I am partial to the Shallot myself.