Friday, April 23, 2010

Aiding And Abetting: Not In And Of Itself A Criminal Offense...

...Especially if the criminal you are aiding and abetting happens to be an ILLEGAL immigrant.

Just ask president Obama. Who believes that Arizona's new crackdown on ILLEGAL immigrants is: "misguided and could violate people's rights."

"Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday signed a controversial bill that seeks to crack down on illegal immigration."

All criminals believe that the laws created to punish their crimes are controversial.

The car thief happens to think that he should be able to steal a car whenever he damned well pleases. 

The murderer knows full well that he has a right to kill.

The rapist believes himself to be nothing more than an undocumented boyfriend and so what's the big fuss about.

So of course the ILLEGAL immigrant thinks that the new Arizona law is "controversial". 

Problem is, most of the time the thief and murderer and rapist don't have politicians clamoring for their release. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, anyone named Kennedy or Obama notwithstanding.

The compact with society demands that criminals be A.) apprehended. 2.) Tried, then punished if found guilty.

Folks who aid felons are breaking the law by doing so. There is nothing controversial about enforcing our laws.

The fence wants the car thief and burglar and mugger to not only succeed but to remain free.

The liberal politician wants the ILLEGAL immigrant to succeed and remain free for many of the same reasons. He, or she, stand to GAIN by the illegal goings on.

Remember back when politicians that aided and abetted criminals were vilified, cast out of office, and at times even sent to prisons?

Ah, the good old days.

And by the by, Mr. president;  the ONLY job you have is to protect and defend the civil rights of AMERICAN citizens, you jackass. Might be time to stop bowing to slave traders and dictators and killers, and focus on AMERICA. Scumbag.

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