Friday, December 05, 2008

Chicago Proves That Things Can Always Get Even Worse

Well, its official. Modern law enforcement has crossed the line and the mad dogs all dressed in blue need a SERIOUS attitude adjustment...

"A handicapped man from Chicago was arrested and charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. Chris Morley, a long-time and well-liked supporter of gun rights in Illinois, has been carrying his unloaded pistol for nearly a decade – ever since a law was passed to allow this form of carry.

Suffering from cerebral palsy and depending on a cane to walk, Chris Morley has been the would-be target of muggers numerous times. On these three or four occasions, merely reaching for his unloaded firearm was enough to scare the attackers away and possibly save his life.

Morley was not feeling well at work on a Monday, however, and had a coworker help him to an empty room to rest and feel better. As a matter of policy, paramedics were called. But not only did the paramedics arrive, but police in full tactical gear arrived too!

Morley’s personal belongings had been searched without warrant or probable cause and his unloaded pistol in his Maxpedition case had been exposed. Instead of going home as he planned after falling ill, Morley was on his way to county lockup! He was handcuffed to a wall for a few hours, processed, photographed, fingerprinted, stripped of clothes and belongings including his cane and glasses. Morley could not walk or see.

During his arrest, the police even had the nerve to accuse him of being drunk – at approx 10:00 AM in the morning. Morley has a speech impediment due to his condition, but as often happens the police assumed the wrong thing. Meanwhile, locked up in his rubber cell for over twelve hours, Morley listened as the prison guards watched movie clips on YouTube, feature film Walk the Line, news, late-night replays of Oprah and Doctor Phil, and finally the morning news came on. Morley’s wife, parents, and other loved-ones had no idea where he was. Luckily his sister got in contact with someone from the police department and told them Morley suffered from major medical problems."

Luckily for Mr. Morley, he wasn't some homeless stumble bum the cops figured would be incapable of having the resources to protest such despicable behavior. Never fails that such scumbag cops work in armpit towns like Chicago where the citizenry has been divided into groups where the average man on the street is lowest on the totem pole and law enforcement considers itself so very above it all.

Go on over to ICarry and read the whole thing. And thanks to Of Arms and the Law for the heads up.

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