Sunday, December 21, 2008

Florida Open Carry

Quietly, certain among us have been lobbying for the return of open-carry to Florida, and while it still remains a pipe dream the election of THE ANOINTED ONE has opened a great many eyes to the thought of going on offense rather than awaiting the knock on the door when they come for our guns.

Doesn't matter if you happen to dislike the idea of OC...and the states where it IS allowed haven't had to hire special clean up crews to combat the BLOOD RUNNING IN THE STREETS!!! phenomena, nor have OC'ers been attacked by bad guys due to the tired old wives tale that states they'll be the first shot should the shit hit the fan. All OC is is an option, an option the giverment (no sic) shouldn't have a say on. The naysayers were in error when they predicted wholesale slaughter when concealed carry spread throughout America, and all the OPEN-CARRY folks in Virginia, Vermont, Kentucky, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota have had to worry about usual...the cops. Criminals, it seems, shy away from men carrying guns, while the police, it seems, lose their hard-ons whenever someone ELSE shows up sporting a visible piece. Tough shit.

Again, no one is telling anyone WHAT, or HOW to carry, far from it. All we're looking for is to make the decision based upon the individuals need/want/desire, rather than what the soccer mom's think is in our best interest. As a free man I bristle at the thought of anyone having the absolute gall to tell me, using lies, innuendo, and skewed "statistics", what I should do with my God given right to keep and bear arms, and regardless of your opinion on OC, all men of good will should be at the very least somewhat pissed as well.

I'm not particularly fond of some of the wording in this petition, but its a start at a time when all we seem to be worried about is hoarding all of them shinny new assault weapons just in case THE ANOINTED ONE gets a wild hair up his ass and wants us disarmed again. Not asking anyone to sign it, either. At this stage of the game I'll settle for planting the thought. Maybe you'd even wish to consider the idea that your state should do the same thing. California, Massachusetts and New York excluded, of course. They don't like their citizens thinking.

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