Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"In Nassau County, New York, a revised handgun application went into effect in January 2007. A new question asks: “Have you used or still use narcotics, tranquilizers or anti depressant [sic] medication? If YES, record doctor's name, address and phone number, (attach).” If the applicant answers in the affirmative, a list of those medications is also required.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that a history of legal drug use is a valid disqualifier of firearm ownership. According to the best criminological evidence, the most accurate predictor of violent behavior is a past history of violence."

Well, duh. Don't think the cops wanna be tackling REAL criminals, now do ya? Of course they'd rather pull a no-knock on some law abiding Joe who thinks that telling them he uses Zoloft really isn't all that big a deal.

"The Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) acts as the county’s handgun licensing authority; licenses issued in Nassau County are valid for 5 years, after which time they must be renewed. If licensing authorities are allowed to determine that some drugs should be firearm “disqualifiers,” and others not, we will soon discover that there is no line between which drugs are dangerous, and which are not.

The new question has the potential to destroy the right of millions of Americans to use and possess firearms for self-defense. And it can damage the long standing ethical code of doctor-patient confidentiality."

Ethical code? Ethical code in the same story, a mere inches from the word "Police"? These thugs haven't clue-one as to what the word "ethical" means, so asking them to respect and protect a doctor-patient confidentiality is simply not possible.

They do what their masters tell them to do, and in return are given rights and privileges far beyond those of mortal men. Anyone believing otherwise simply hasn't been paying enough attention.

Thanks to The War on Guns for the link.

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