Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Could Today's Law Enforcement Defeat An Insurrection

Well could they?

On one hand, we don't have anywhere near the logistical capability to wage a protracted insurrection, but believing that we'd sell our lives dearly means something, a something not particularly quantifiable. Law enforcement has long since succeeded in removing modern weapon systems from the hands of the average person, and while the Hawaiians did manage to kill Captain Cook, it was by vastly outnumbering, then drowning him.

These are not our Fathers' constabulary. Had Hitler won WWII, Mahatma Gandhi would have been killed in the most hideous manner imaginable and I am of the opinion that today's cops are robbers who'd revel in crushing any resistance. The Yellowstream Media would portray us as gun-crazed madmen and most of the general population would believe them. Let's face it, were the media to have been fair, Barack Obama wouldn't be readying himself to the take the oath of office and that means they fooled a helluva lot of people.

So we'd soon be forced to fight from an underground. Martial law would be declared, and firearms would be confiscated and summarily banned. Oh hell yeah, I'd fight; no one is taking what belongs to me be they regular crooks or those hiding behind a badge, but would WE stand a chance at winning?

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