Sunday, December 14, 2008

Would Even A Telethon Bring In Enough To Buy This Dufus A Clue?

Mark Knudson, DDN Sports Columnist

Friday, December 12, 2008

Guns don’t always help

"This is not an argument over the second amendment. Citizens in this country have and probably always will have the right to bear arms. Does that mean they should…especially in public? Sorry, but I can’t equate Plaxico Burress’ need to take a gun into a nightclub to what happened to former Redskin’s safety Sean Taylor, who was shot and killed by an intruder in his home last year. Taylor was the victim of senseless and random act of violence – just like thousands of American’s are every year. It’s a sad fact of life in America. Still, statistics continue to show that owning a gun INCREASES your chances of getting shot. I’ve yet to read a headline that says “Athlete stops robbery attempt by brandishing his pistol.”

So the million or so times a year that the mere sight of a gun is enough to thwart a felonious confrontation isn't enough?

This is what happens when certifiable idiots pay little no attention to the rest of the world. They ASSume that everyone else is as disarmed and helpless as those who live in our larger cities. Of course Plaxico Burress was well within his RIGHTS to carry a gun. Wherever and whenever he wanted. Don't particularly like the guy, never have never will, but RIGHTS are RIGHTS.

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