Sunday, December 07, 2008

So What Precisely IS IT That The Brady Bunchers Want?

"...As the FBI states in its annual national crime report (, a variety of factors determine the type and volume of crime, and none of these factors is guns, gun ownership, or gun laws. And the Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service, National Academy of Sciences, National Institutes of Justice, and others have studied gun control and found no evidence that it reduces crime at home or abroad.

Secondly, the nation’s violent crime rate began declining in 1991, three years before the Brady Act took effect. And violent crime committed with weapons other than guns has declined, as well as violent crime with guns--the only weapons requiring a background check. This is largely due to tougher criminal justice policies imposed in the states during the 1990s, such as mandatory sentencing and reduction of probation and parole of violent criminals--precisely what NRA has advocated for years.

Thirdly, Brady incorrectly assumes that denying gun sales must necessarily decrease crime, because it believes guns are the cause of crime and it opposes the use of guns for defense against crime. However, since 1991, the number of new guns sold to private citizens has increased by 70 million, and total violent crime has decreased 38 percent, including a 43 percent decrease in murder. Let’s not forget also the deterrent factor posed against criminals by the Right-to-Carry laws now in effect in 40 states."

For those listening in from Rio Linda, all of the above categorically states is that gun laws have no effect on crime or criminals. Never has, never will.

What the Brady's want is for all of America to be disarmed so that their ultra-liberal social agenda can be instituted forthwith. This simply cannot be accomplished if there are those among us capable of fighting back.

The story itself was taken from a War on Guns posting where David Codrea wanted to know why it was that the NRA supports the NICS system. I believe that such agreement is nothing more than the NRA tossing the anti's a bone, but its one of the reasons I've let my membership lapse. I cannot in good conscience belong to an organization that is in favor of presuming the innocent to be guilty, bone or no bone. The Constitution lists the right to own a firearm as an inalienable absolute; this isn't a driver's license or a permit to conduct a garage sale, and I for one will not bend on the subject.

Either I am totally free or not, as the days of someone being a one-third or two-third citizen are long gone, DESPITE what modern day law enforcement happens to think.

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