Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Expansion Revisited

PMC Starfire remains the preeminent brand of ammunition with regards to expansion upon impact. These rounds were all shot through water jugs, with the best mushroom coming darn close to .9" across.Take notice of the round fired through 6 layers of denim. Slightly less expansion but lots of talon-looking things, and deeper penetration because the expansion was curtailed a tad.

And all from a .40 caliber bullet. Federal's JHP's are a close second, with Winchester Ranger-T a nasty round with claws and hooks and lord knows what else, but not so much expansion.

If you gaze to the righthand margin you'll see my profile picture featuring a PMC Starfire in .38 Special, and to its right one loaded for .357 magnum. Terminal ballistics for the 38/357 are very close to the .40, with somewhat more deformation due to the extra oomph the magnum creates.

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