Saturday, June 11, 2011

Freedom in the 50 States: Report From George Mason University

Stringent gun laws accounted for a mere 7% or thereabouts in the overall rankings, but isn't it interesting that the states with the most restrictive firearms laws were also less free in other matters as well.

Interesting but predictable as all hell.

Alaska's ranking surprised me but then again Alaskans brag so much about how free they are I should have known better. 

Florida coming it at 11 means that the Gunshine State needs a swift boot in the ass so I've something to work towards for at least the remainder of this year. Damn Disney and that frickin' mouse. Then again, North Dakota only has 12 or so residents all told, so eliminate them and Florida makes the top ten.

The good news for us is, excepting Louisiana, home to yet another bragging bunch of liberal retards, Florida is surrounded by freedom loving folks so when the time comes we'll all be ready. 

Clicking the headline link will whisk you to an interactive map to see for yourself.

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