Thursday, June 02, 2011

In Oregon, Grass And Concealed Carry DO Mix

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled, unanimously, “that a retired school bus driver can have her medical marijuana and a concealed handgun, too,” the Associated Press (AP) reported.  “The ruling upheld previous decisions by the Oregon Court of Appeals and circuit court that determined a federal law barring criminals and drug addicts from buying firearms does not excuse sheriffs from issuing concealed weapons permits to people who hold medical marijuana cards and otherwise qualify.”

“We hold that the Federal Gun Control Act does not pre-empt the state’s concealed handgun licensing statute and, therefore, the sheriffs must issue (or renew) the requested licenses,” Chief Justice Paul De Muniz wrote in the ruling issued in Salem.

The case stemmed from the situation of one Cynthia Willis, 54.  “She uses marijuana cookies, joints and salves to treat arthritis pain and muscle spasms,” the AP noted, with a prescription from her doctor.  She also had a concealed carry permit.  When it came time for renewing it, the sheriff in her county refused to do so, citing Willis’ drug use as a disqualifying factor.

No more.

Instead of simply getting together with their district attorney's, sheriffs like to make things up as they go along...part of the power trip dontcha know...and power unused is power wasted so DENY whenever possible.

Like the article said: NO MORE. From my grass usage back in the late 60's, it occurred to me that there was far less distortion of faculties on marijuana than seen from the older men who were on some pretty potent pain killers and mood elevating drugs. Then again that memory is well over 40 years old. My feelings today are; let the lady use her prescribed medicine without being subject to penalties


Lemuel Calhoon said...

As someone who spent his youth working in bars and nightclubs I have seen many mean and violent drunks but can't recall any mean or violent potheads.

I'm not saying that there aren't some somewhere but in my experience it was the rednecks who got tanked up and went looking for a fight while the stoners just wanted to kick back and listen to music.

Fits said...

Lem lemme tell ya pal; with two missing vertebrae in the back and two artificial knees I'd seriously think about marijuana as a pain remedy were it legalized here in Florida as a prescribed medicine.