Friday, June 03, 2011

Precisely What IS IT That Keeps America Unemployed?

The situation is so dire on the economic growth front that The New York Times has awoken from its slumber to opine, in a May 30 piece titled “The Numbers Are Grim,” that:

“Republican lawmakers have responded to renewed signs of weakness with a jobs plan that prescribes more of the same 'fixes' that Republicans always recommend no matter the problem: mainly high-end tax cuts, deregulation, more domestic oil drilling and federal spending cuts.

"The White House has offered sounder ideas, including job retraining, plans to boost educational achievement and tax increases to help cover needed spending.”

In just a few lines, the Times managed to encapsulate the left’s complete lack of understanding of why jobs are created. 

Job retraining costs tons of cash and does not "create" anything but trained people out of work. Educational achievement is another phrase for affirmative action that costs even more money that will only result in more educated people out of work. Tax increases are passed along to the consumer, just like any sane company or individual would do when his production costs skyrocket.
The private sector creates jobs; government mandates do not.

Not that the NY Times has any idea how to create jobs, as is evidenced by their dramatic downsizing as subscribers flock en masse to far better competitors. Socratic irony at its best, brought to you by the no-nothings wishing to impress the gullible.

Please click the headline link should you wish to see the full story sans my drivel.


Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

What keeps America unemployed? In a word: Obama.

Obama is three things, IMHO. He is a black man operating on the "victim of America" shtick, and now that he's President, it's payback time. He's a Marxist, which philosophy is antithetical to all things American. He's also a closet Muslim, as he bows to caliphs, and is working against Israel now. But in his heart, he does not consider himself American. It doesn't matter what his birth certificate says; Obama is not an American.

Fits said...

His goal appears to be making us as poor as Europe so as to enhance the worldwide standing of his sandflea brethren.

We've more fossil fuel resources than all of Saudi Arabia and it sits untouched while our economy goes down the tube.