Thursday, June 09, 2011

Knifeworks Goes Rogue

For quite some time I've been ordering production knives from the online seller Knifeworks. Even had a link in my sidebar. They had good pricing and shipped quickly so hey, what's not to like.

Plenty as of late. From my last few orders I've received knives that I've had to do some serious work to bring up to snuff; usually horrific edges and in one instance even a bent blade.

But I always re-sharpen production knives so I let it go. Then on May 19th I gave myself a late birthday present and ordered a Spyderco Endura in ZDP-189, a Japanese super steel. As an aside, I noticed that Knifeworks was offering a discount on Spyderco knives, but that did not enter into my decision to buy from them. 

Order went through, but the credit card was charged the full price of the discount. Look, I'm fortunate enough for this to be chump change, but its sort of the principal of the thing, ya know. Advertise a price, deliver on that price.

So I sent Knifeworks an email asking what gives and they admitted their mistake and said they'd credit my next order for the discount they should have given me for the Spyderco Endura. 

Last night I saw a sweet  Wharncliffe that would be fun to work on, so I ordered the thing...from Knifeworks.

Bygones should be bygones and everyone is entitled to a mistake. But I just received an email confirming the shipment of my order and guess what...

No discount.

Knifeworks has officially entered the SuckAss Zone and will be treated accordingly. 

All Hands To Battle Stations 


The situation has been resolved to my satisfaction

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