Monday, June 13, 2011

Warranty Schmaranty

I buy extended warranties on everything. The only thing you cannot warranty is anything a health professional does for you. Says a lot right there.

Anyways, the usual manufacturers warranty doesn't only suck ass, they are too expensive, and while I might look like a jerk I ain't one. The point of sale also wants to sell you a warranty. Something breaks and they have to fix it, the manufacturer chips in just so's Wal-Mart or Best Buy doesn't take too big of a hit. Everyone makes out except for the little guy who listens to all the hype about how good a product is, how fantastic the Quality Control happens to be, how millions of people the universe over are delighted to own one, then is told oh but you shouldn't think of using it for more than a year.

That's why I do my warranty business over at SquareTrade. No fuss, little muss, and the price isn't only competitive its usual 2/3 or less than what Acer or Wally World wants to hit you up for.

You fill out an easy form, then if you wish to, also send an email of the receipt for your purchase which they'll file. Something goes kerplooey, then its one less thing you have to worry about.

Just got a new laptop and added it to the list which includes my new Kindle. This way, when my bi-polar shrink asks if I've been obsessing I can honestly say no. Everything's covered.



Adam Brock said...

Is this spam?

Fits said...

Adam: Is what spam?

I always pass along a good deal when I find it.

Anonymous: No, you imbecile. Expensive products ALWAYS have warranties. When you're old enough to buy your own car you'll understand that a warranty is like insurance. Someone else will explain insurance to you.

Same reason you buckle up when driving as well as toting along a spare tire. You're certainly not betting to get into an accident, doofus. Quite the opposite is true.

Someone else will explain THAT to you as well.

Accidents, mistakes, flubs happen because people are human and no manufacturing process is infallible. The BEST manufacturer can only hope to catch 9 out of 10 glitches and what if you happen to be the one to purchase a glitched device.

Probably no one will explain THAT to you because you're obviously from a troglodyte tribe in Borneo that found a computer washed ashore and someone got the thing to work for them.

Missionaries can be quite helpful.

Fits said...

Dammit. Google ate Anonymous's comment.