Thursday, June 23, 2011

US, Japan to Delay Futenma Relocation Plan

WASHINGTON -- After 15 years of controversy and deadlock -- and now new pressures to rein in spending -- U.S. and Japanese officials on Tuesday are expected to push back the timeline for relocating thousands of Marines stationed on Okinawa.
The announcement amounts to a concession that the larger realignment plan for U.S. military forces across the Pacific is unachievable.
“It does not take a math prodigy to look at the calendar, look at the original timelines that were laid out, look at the progress that’s been made and make a determination about what can and can’t be completed between now and 2014,” said a senior administration official briefing reporters Monday on the condition of anonymity. “So I think you can expect to [see] coming out of the meeting [Tuesday] a readjustment of the timeline going forward in a way that is more realistic and that will allow us to achieve our joint and mutual goals.”

Yeah, we should get out of Japan. Since they still don't have ANY natural resources to speak of, it'd take them decades to rearm again, so who cares?

We'll all be old or dead so leave it to the kids to work it out.

Oh and while we're at it, let's return the favor and order all Japanese out of America.

Just saying.

(That rumbling, echo-like noise you're hearing? MacArthur turning over in his grave.)

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