Monday, June 06, 2011

So Why Do You Want To Open Carry?

Not long ago I was asked that question by a member of the uniformed constabulary, and I'll pass it along just in case one of your local gendarmes are indoctrinated to present the same query:

For the same reason you do, officer. Constitutional rights aside, its simply easier to get to should you need it. No fussing with cover garments. Same reason that decades ago the NYPD, Chicago, and virtually all the other cold and even chilly weather police departments in the country rescinded regulations requiring their street cops to wear overcoats atop their handguns.

Would you like to fumble?


Bob S. said...

Let's see, no fussing with cover garments is definitely one.

How about "I like Breathing".
See Asthma is a stone biatch at times, during the summer is when I have the most problems.

Having to wear a cover garment sufficient enough to avoid any printing means, I'm usually suffocating out doors if I am carrying.

Isn't it nice the law force people to choose how they will jeopardize their health?

Fits said...

Four classes of people I've learned not to frighten, Bob: babies, the elderly, pregnant women, and cops.