Thursday, June 09, 2011

Will The GovernmentsWar On Cameras Prompt The 3rd American Revolution...

1776. 1861. 20..?

Once upon a time I believed that the war on guns would spark the next revolution, but now I think that the accumulation of governmental domestic "wars" will become the accumulative impetus that breaks the camels back.

The war on drugs, and the war on crime regularly cage and kill otherwise, and sometimes genuinely innocent citizens. These wars and the fight to disarm America has seen government thugs evolve from police officers to paramilitary armies that make the Bill of Rights seem like an elementary primer rather than the law of the land.

And now there's the war on cameras. Take a picture of, or film, or even just record the voice of a cop and off to jail you go.

Click here to view the sordid tale of a man who could be sentenced to 75 years in prison for committing a Class 1 felony...the same category as rape...for recording a bad cop.

Oh, and this is happening in Chicago, Ill-Annoy as if I had to tell you so. 

The citizenry as a whole pretty much yawns whenever the government goes after our guns, but take their tweeters and iPads, and cellphone cameras away and they just might awaken to the fact that this is not America anymore.


Crotalus (Dont Tread on Me) said...

They may finally realize that this isn't America anymore, but they're already disarmed, and far too timid to contemplate armed resistance anyway. Don't hold your breath waiting for the 3rd American Revolution.

Fits said...

I'm hoping the soccer moms do what we've lost the nerve to do. We might give up our guns but they'd never give up their cameras and cell phones.