Sunday, June 05, 2011

Todd Boone Out...Man-Hands In

"Ha (Hi) and welcome to....beat...beat...beat...Cutlery Corner, (throat clear) and I'm....beat...beat...beat...Sheila Travis. Todd Boone is off today so A'hm (I'm) taking his place and wait 'till you see the sells (sales) we have for you. Jody (the producer) Ah (I) didn't hear what you said cuz (because) I was talkin'...Ok?"

Man-Hands Sheila has been filling in for Stuttering Toddy, as Toddy has been off tending to his sons' wedding preparations. For quite some time now, Man-Hands has been fussing over the air whenever someone dares to interrupt her train of thought, and since she has the most difficult of times stringing two words together, this is understandable.

Yesterday, I emailed Cutlery Corner to correct them in their spelling of the word "Sioux", as they had it posted as "Souix", and while at it asked the serious question as to why they cannot spell or pronounce simple words quite common to the English language. 

Awaiting their response.

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