Sunday, December 31, 2006

An Addition

We try to keep a small and tidy ship here. The links to the left are special ones. A few bigtime web logs, an information site or two, and even a defunct link kept up to honor Woody. By all rights I should remove Box O' Truth, but a portal to stupidity is the perfect blemish for an otherwise outstanding raiment.

I've added The War On Guns because I felt it to be an important one. Duh, obviously. I'm not the link-party kind of guy and for no other reason than having a level of independant crustiness that forbades participation in anything of a mass-mailing sort. I fully understand the importance of getting the word out, but there are plenty of places that do it much better. I was thinking of branching the links into some semblance of order but that'd frig with my desires to maintain a flexible towed array.

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