Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Religion Of Pieces Offers This Cheery Message For The Holday Season...

'Leave, crusaders, or have your heads cut off'

"The snow has already settled on the mountains further north, but the Christians of the Iraqi city of Mosul are scared to put festive decorations outside their homes this year. Their ancestors settled here in the 1st century AD, yet as teacher Jamal Fadi has discovered, some of their Muslim neighbours want this Christmas to be their last.

Letter and bullets
Death threat: This letter was delivered with two bullets

"A letter was delivered to my door with two bullets placed on top of it," said Mr Fadi, 32, standing watchfully in the neat garden of his two-storey villa. "It said: 'Leave, crusaders, or we will cut your heads off.' They want us to go from Mosul completely."

Forget for a moment that the message was delivered with two cartridges, not bullets, and focus upon the splendor that is islam.

Thanks to LGF for the heads-up

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