Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sunday Science

Dr Patrick Kiser
Dr Kiser hopes the gel will be long-lasting
"A "molecular condom" to protect women against HIV is being developed by US scientists.

The liquid formulated by a University of Utah team turns into a gel-like coating when inserted into the vagina.

Then, when exposed to semen, it returns to liquid form and releases an anti-viral drug to attack HIV.

However, the technology, featured in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, is still around five years away from being tested in humans."

Such the pity that instead of monogamy we see so very many efforts to permit promiscuity and its attendant evils. But don't for a moment believe that women will be the ones using this in droves. There will be a shortage upon it's release, with blackmarket hoarding by you-know-who's until supplies meet demand.

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