Friday, December 22, 2006

So You Want To Be A Sky Marshall...

Individual Drill Starting Position Time Allowed Total Rounds
One Round (twice). Concealed from Holster 1.65 seconds
(3.30 total)
Double Tap (twice) Low Ready 1.35 seconds
(2.70 total)
Rhythm; fire 6 rounds at one target; no more than 0.6 second between each shot. Low Ready 3.00 seconds 6
One Shot, speed reload, one shot (twice). Low Ready 3.25 seconds
(6.50 total)
One Round each at two targets three yards apart (twice) Low Ready 1.65 seconds
(3.30 total)
180° pivot. One round each at three targets (twice). Turn left, then right. Concealed from Holster 3.50 seconds
(7.00 total)
One Round, slide locks back; drop to one knee; reload; fire one round. (twice) Low Ready 4.00 seconds
(8.00 total)

Alas, these Federal Air Marshall Pistol Course Qualification standards using the service issued 357 SIG have been relaxed. Word has it that they were discriminatory, as not a single female was capable of completing the above drills. I've not found the NEW qualification standards, but the FAA insists that they remain high. Mile high? Only time will tell.

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