Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Car Gun

Since there are locales where I cannot tote my trusty carry pieces, I'm on the prowl for a trunk-gun, so to speak.

And this is easier said than done. It must be something that I wouldn't mind losing, so inexpensive would be nice but ugly would be nicer because even a pawn shop S&W Model 10 or something akin to that would just be too sweet to part with. I've been scouring the area for disposable longarms and the cheapest SKS/AK/etc, etc are too pricey in these parts, and yes, but of course I'm over-thinking this deal but change is impossible at my stage of the game.

Logic dictates the purchase of a .45 Hi-Point. Cram the sucker with Federal HST's (or whatever feeds-fires-and flings the best), and stash it in the glovebox or console. For around $200 out the door and ugly as sin itself, who cares if the thing goes south as long as it's there for me when I know I'm going to enter a loon-demesne and can't hitch on any of the preferrable gob(lin)-stoppers. Of all the entry-level firearms I've handled the Hi-Point works the best, and let's face it; I'm not a gun snob but carrying one on a regular basis would cause much grief and despair in Marine-Heaven, but I think it'd be okay to set it and forget it.

Old snubbies are out, for as I've said it'd be hell to part with one. A beater Ruger might be just the ticket but I'd be tempted to shoot the thing on a regular basis and would then grow attached. All I need now do is walk into a shop and buy a Hi. A disguise is out of the question, because the counter-person would need my concealed weapons permit and driver's license, so that means the word would soon spread to the farthest reaches of the Sunshine State and beyond. There'd be whispers behind my back, chortles coughed into hands still shaking from an overload of hard to conceal mirth. Gaiety even, if gaiety still meant what it used to. Father O'Connell might even ask if I were SURE I had nothing else to confess.

Hell. Why didn't I join the Navy.

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